Which wood?

Beech is a terrific wood for cutting boards as it is about as hard as Maple and has a bit of color that Maple doesn’t have.  Beech generally leaves a nice contrast with our imaging process.  Maple also makes an excellent cutting board.  Maple is mostly white in color and generally has a very subtle color shift when imaged.   Hope this helps.

What Size Board should I get?

Most popular size is the 11.5″ x 15″.  Of course, if budget is a consideration, then go with a 9×12.  Other than that, a few things to think about is the presentation and the statement you want to make.  Also, does the recipient like to cook?  If so, then you may want the larger board.  Does the house have a big kitchen?  Do the people like to entertain (prepare lots of food)?

How long does it take to produce?

Generally, we get them out within 48 hours.  This gives us time to schedule and produce and let the mineral oil soak in overnight before packaging and shipping.

Care Instructions?

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Custom Care Sheet?

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Most of our products are shipped USPS Priority Mail.  Cost varies and is shown in your check out cart.

Cutting Board vs. Gift Basket

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